Resistance: Anti​-​NSBM Volume 4

by Deafest



released May 30, 2016

100% of the proceeds of this compilation will go toward comrade Gimmy, G8 ( activist to help him with efforts for his gf funeral. His gf committed suicide while he is in cage. His letter:

"Hi everyone, i'm Francesco Puglisi a.k.a Gimmy. I'm in jail from 4th June 2013 after one year of rush with my gf Paola Ferla. I got arrested in Barcellona, Spain. Now I can say to all of you I decided to escape with her instead of go with my feet in jail. I write this because my lovely and libertarian Paola Ferla died (she's not dead, she's alive and fight close to me). She died in Genoa. Sounds crazy. I was condamned to spend 14 years after 10 years of agony and process. I write to you cause Paola's parents still havent got money for funeral costs. 6000 euros. Moving Paola from Genoa to Canicattini bagni (Siracuse). I know out from here is hard and everyone of you have his troubles, but I ask you a little effort, to every anarchist comrades, all can be part of this cause with a revolutionary action, cause also help with the funeral of the gf of a comrade in jail for facts concern everyone, is a revulutionary action. "

The letter continues with how he met his gf. You can find it here in italian, but very simple to translate it online.



Deafest Denver, Colorado

Organizer of the Black Metal Alliance's Crushing Intolerance Anti-NSBM Charity Compilations:

Since the second full-length, Deafest plays an instrumental ode to the beauty and awe of nature (mostly Colorado nature). Black Metal is the base of the music.
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